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In addition to a consumer oriented site, Coloci provides tools that help individuals to build stronger networks through face-to-face interaction. Coloci provides businesses mobile apps for Location & Interest Based, Professional and Social Networking. We can rapidly create custom solutions (mobile apps, websites, Facebook apps, with Twitter & SMS integration) for your business, which provide Pre-Event, Post-Event and In-Event Networking and Social Messaging. These solutions are Powered by the Coloci Platform (API based) and built specifically for your business, or branded from our white labeled mobile apps.

We help conference/event organizers and businesses to empower their members to build stronger connections to each other and to the group - before, during and after events.

For Organizations and Businesses
Whether you’re an event organizer or a business, when you drive meaningful business, professional and social connections between your members or participants, you help them to meet their goals while strengthening their ties to your organization.

Today’s social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter help people to connect virtually, but fall short at the more meaningful face-to-face interactions that cement true business and professional relationships. That’s where Coloci come in.

Coloci helps your event attendees, or your organization members to connect with other people in their closed networks before, during and after your events. With the click of a button, your members can securely share where they’ll be in the future, alerting others in their network and those with shared interests so that they can connect in person for meaningful meetings, reunions, local meetings, and more.

No more “I wish you’d told me you’d be at…”
No more “Too bad I missed you at…”
No more, “I never know who’s going…”

With Coloci, your members will have the power to know. The power to build better relationships. The power to network and win. The power of connection to your organization. And they’ll have you to thank for it.
Build brand awareness
  • Richer social engagement

  • Mobile access to reach members at right place, right time

Increase revenue while you add value

  • Increased attendance & membership

  • High-value community to attract more sponsors

  • Deeper connections with and between members

Better Networking : Efficient, Effective
Connect & Expand Your Network

  • Connect with your network - Quickly search and invite friends already on Coloci.

  • Expand your network – Easily click and connect with your friends’/networks’ connections.

People to meet, shared interests

  • Connect with people based on complementary interests

Easy Setup
Social sign-in

  • Quick sign up with your existing social Ids (Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo etc).

Import contacts and events

  • Contacts - Import your existing contacts from Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Easily invite your friends to join.

  • Calendar - Import your existing events from Outlook, Google etc web calendars
Connect and Share
Your network at-a-glance

  • Radar screen – Quickly scan your radar screen to see who will be near your location – and when

  • Selectable date, times and location – Easily pinpoint where and when your contacts will be at your upcoming location.

  • Don’t travel? – See when your network will be near you. No Check-in needed.
You control the experience

  • Alerts customized to your needs - Reduce your social noise.
    Set alerts based on distance a friend has traveled, and proximity to you.

Social share

  • Share! If you choose, share your activities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Anywhere, Anytime Access –Mobile & Web
Social media integration

  • Facebook - Using native iColoci app

  • LinkedIn – coming soon

  • Twitter: Tweet (DM) your activities to Coloci to update status.


  • Mobile access using – Browser access optimized for Apple iPhone, Android, Blackberry


  • Opt-in – Users decide with whom they wish to connect

  • Selective – Share each activity with even a sub-group of your connections

  • User controlled – Users control what is shared and not shared

  • No live location tracking

No need for another ID to remember

  • Social sign-in – Sign in with the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, MSN, Yahoo etc IDs that you already have

  • One ID for access to all of Coloci’s products

Management Tools
Social Analytics

  • Community - User demographics, social sharing statistics, etc

  • Event – How many connections were made, number of messages exchanged, most active members, most influential members etc

Community & Events Management

  • Create multiple events, sub-Groups, manage members, broadcast messages, etc

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