Coloci BizConnect(TM) for Businesses - Better networking!

Got Mobile? Branded, Mobile apps for your community: Networking, Messaging and more!

For Organizations and Businesses

Have a user community? Create your own branded, mobile site (web app)!

Coloci BizConnect(TM) provides a Software As A Service (SaaS) app and a platform for community networking, including member profiles, messaging and events.
Key Benefits for your organization
Brand Awareness
  • Richer social engagement
  • Deeper connections amongst members
  • Increased Value, Revenue
  • Increased attendance & membership
  • Greater sponsorship possibilities
  • Monetization of your app with sponsor’s ads

  • Key Benefits for the community
    Efficient Networking Anytime, Anywhere
  • Interest-based connections, including networking suggestions
  • Location-based – where you intend to be, in the future
  • Connect with friends, colleagues, classmates
  • Community Engagement
  • Social messaging across events (group and 1-1 messaging, Twitter)
  • Networking before, during and after events.
  • mobile mobile
    Your network Radar! See it in action here. Member profiles and Linkedin integration.
    Key Features
  • Member profiles and interests
  • Recommendations on people to meet
  • Events
  • Add and browse events
  • Messaging
  • Message group or members privately
  • Community Wall
  • Networking
  • Location based networking (with your private Connections)
  • Interest based networking
  • Sponsors’ Ads
  • We can display logos (Ads) of your or your sponsors’ organizations.
  • SaaS App, Reports / Analytics
  • Fully hosted mobile site, needing no IT effort from your organization. Simply add a link to the app on your site or marketing communications etc.

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