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Coloci connects IIT Alumni at the PAN-IIT Global Alumni Conference 2011.
New York, NY- On September 30th to October 2nd, 2011, Coloci played a vital networking role in connecting the professional alumni of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) at their Global Alumni Conference at the New York Hilton Hotel. Coloci was able to provide all attendees the opportunity to bond and stay connected with other alumni and new friends via their mobile smart phones.
Coloci collaborates with Babson College's "Back to Babson" event
BABSON PARK, MA – On September 23-24, 2011, Coloci will assist Babson college alumni around the world by facilitating their search for classmates and friends. Coloci will also provide its users with the opportunity of networking with other professionals that possess similar interests, especially those who will be attending Babson College's "Back to Babson" undergraduate and graduate class reunion.
July 19, 2011 - Coloci, an new live professional and social mobile network service which connects people based on interests and mutual acquaintances, is being featured today at Tech, Drugs and Rock & Roll (TDRR), a special event held today and directed by the Office of Technology Development at Boston University. Coloci was selected as an exclusive service for meeting registrants to enable them to identify and directly connect more quickly and directly prior to and during the event.
Improving on the Age-Old Sport of Networking
The key to staying well-connected is through effective networking—making that initial connection is important and but staying in touch with others helps keep one’s extant network dynamic and growing. As a networking event, Tech, Drugs and Rock & Roll’s main purpose is to facilitate the creation of new connections (or the improvement of old ones) between its participants.
Coloci Allows You to Check-in to the Future
BostInnovation Have you ever traveled somewhere exotic, and then arrived back home to hear that one of your close friends was there too? Wouldn’t it have been cool to know they were there so you could have gotten together?.
The Missing Puzzle Piece: How Location Based Services Could Go Mainstream
BostInnovation Over 200,000 check-ins occurred on Super bowl Sunday as Foursquare created a global check-in location aptly named: “Super Bowl Sunday”. Folks checked-in from all 50 states and in 135 countries (including the Vatican). From the media and blogger’s perspective, there were two aspects of this experimental “Promoted Trending Virtual Venue” that impeded on its success and stellar vibe.
Coloci brings friends closer with grand features controlled by the user
TheNextWeb One of the super neat things the internet allows individuals to do is connect with friends, family, and/or colleagues be they close in proximity or across the world. It goes without saying that Facebook, and to a lesser extent based solely on number of total number of users, Twitter, have helped facilitate maintaining connections in addition to generating new ones.

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