Coloci Business Apps


July 19, 2011 - Coloci, an new live professional and social mobile network service which connects people based on interests and mutual acquaintances, is being featured today at Tech, Drugs and Rock & Roll (TDRR), a special event held today and directed by the Office of Technology Development at Boston University. Coloci was selected as an exclusive service for meeting registrants to enable them to identify and directly connect more quickly and directly prior to and during the event.

“Coloci is a great idea for our meeting which is highlighting innovation and trying to connect entrepreneurs, business people and academia,” noted Michael Pratt, executive director of business development at Boston University. “With so many diverse interests and disciplines of our registrants, Coloci can only help to connect the right people faster and more directly to develop productive relationships.”

“We are honored to be an integral partner for this year’s premier event,” stated Anurag Wakhlu, founder and CEO of Coloci based in Chelmsford, MA. “Coloci is not only a great vehicle to help people connect at large events and venues but more importantly to keep people connected live on an ongoing basis to develop stronger relationships.”

Coloci is a simple application which works with iPhone and Android-platform smartphones to connect people as well as link to other social network services such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Dependent on the content and visibility controlled by the end-user, Coloci recommends professionals with like interests and connections as well as helps keep current friends and acquaintances connected not only at the meeting but on an ongoing live basis using smartphones or computers. Coloci offers a live, global mapping service confidential to users to facilitate real-time connections anywhere in the world. For more information, visit