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October 5, 2011

Coloci connects IIT Alumni at the PAN-IIT Global Alumni Conference 2011.

New York, NY- On September 30th to October 2nd, 2011, Coloci played a vital networking role in connecting the professional alumni of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) at their Global Alumni Conference at the New York Hilton Hotel. Coloci was able to provide all attendees the opportunity to bond and stay connected with other alumni and new friends via their mobile smart phones.

The Coloci application is a gateway to endless opportunities of meeting other professionals with similar interests across the globe. This application is also capable of linking professionals to other social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook to offer connections that will last a lifetime!

During the 3-day PAN-IIT Global Alumni Conference, many alumni learned more about Coloci and couldn’t wait to become a part of the "worlds’ best kept secret!" In just a span of 2 days, Coloci experienced a significant registration at the conference, which was attended by over a 1000 people.

"Its interesting to see how people are connected via interests (no pun intended), and how those help them network effectively at such large events", says Anurag Wakhlu, Founder & CEO of Coloci. You can see the "Interest Graph" of the IIT Coloci family here.

Uniting and reuniting alumni to their friends and colleagues is the value that Coloci is honored to provide to the professionals of today. For more information on how YOU can be a part of the "IIT Coloci Family" visit

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Coloci provides a mobile application and platform for interest and location based networking. The application connects individuals and links them to other social network services such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Dependent on the interests and visibility controlled by the end-user, Coloci recommends professionals with similar interests and connections while keeping friends and acquaintances connected. It offers a global mapping service confidential to users, which facilitates connections anywhere in the world, with their social and professional networks. For more information, please visit