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Upcoming features

  • We have many exciting features coming up, but we can't disclose them all just yet. A few are below. A trip discussion blog, where you can share your experiences and photos/videos. Much more sophisticated privacy controls. Find common friends at a location – the more the merrier! Many more places in your search-as-you-type so you can add a trip even more easily. Add a profile photo.


What is Coloci? How do I say it? What does it mean?

  • Coloci helps you easily share your travel plans, big or small, with your friends, so that you can meetup with those who are nearby.
    Coloci is pronounced as kolo-kai or kolo-key - we let you pick.

    We kind of made it up, from the words co and locus. Co, means together, and locus means path, hence 'having the same path'. Coloci is the plural, meaning many having the same path, or in other words, friends who will be nearby!

    For example: Say you are planning to go to the mall this evening. You can quickly add that trip in Coloci, which is then visible to the friends that you shared the trip with. You can see who else is going to be there, or nearby, and choose to meetup.

    Or, say, you are going to Beijing, China in 2 weeks, with a 3 hour layover in LHR (London Heathrow airport). You can add that trip by copy-pasting your itinerary in Coloci, and sharing it with your friends. Who knows, you may find another friend also transiting via LHR around the same time!

    By sharing your plans with your friends, you may even be able to meet friends that you never knew (or didn't remember) were at that location.

Is it free?

  • Yes!

Is there an iPhone app for this? Apps for other platforms?

  • Yes! We have mobile apps for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms. Simply go to using your smartphone browser (these are web apps). An iPhone native app is coming soon! And other platforms soon after that.

How do I benefit from Coloci? How does Coloci help me with my social network?

  • In this age of e-connectedness, meeting face to face seems to be going the way of the dinosaur, and is underappreciated. Coloci helps you meet (really!) with friends, and re-connect, not just e-connect.

    For the socially active, it helps you strengthen and expand your network. For the super busy, it provides you a chance to catchup with your friends in your 'white space' time – while going about doing the million things that you have to. For the frequent traveler, it enables you to meet all those friends who you had no idea are near your destinations.

    For everyone, it can help you get closer to your friends!

Using Coloci

How do I use it?

  • Coloci is easy to use, and can be highly customized to suit your preferences.

Quick start guide

  • In a nutshell, you all you need to do is the following: signup, invite your friends (because its their trips that you will see), and start adding your trips. Simple! Now, when your friends are nearby, you will be able to see their trip and meetup with them.
    You can use Coloci even if you don't have any trips, because it shows you who is near your home and work place too!

Customizing Coloci

  • You can customize Coloci to show friends based on your preferences (see Alert setup).

Why do I need to specify my work and home address?

  • Coloci shows you friends that are near you, whether you are on a trip, at work or at home. When you are not at work, and not on a trip, we assume you are home. If we don't have your addresses, and you don't have any trips, you won't see anyone on Coloci, because we don't know where you are (we don't have ESP and we don't track you via a cell phone)!
    We do not share your home and work address with anyone, except your connections with whom you share your plans. We don't sell your data (see Privacy)

What is 'My Addresses' for?

  • This is your frequently used addresses list. Each time you create a trip to a new location, we store that address for you in My Addresses so that the next time you can enter it by simply typing in the name or activity. You can edit/delete the addresses here.

What is a Virtual Address? What is it used for? How can I use it?

  • A virtual address is any of the popular online chat services such as MSN Messenger, Google Talk etc. Or, it could be any other activity that you wish to share.

    This lets you broadcast to your friends the times you will be 'online' (not everyone of us is available online all the time, and coordinating a time to video-chat with extended family gets tough, specially if they are halfway across the planet!)

    You can also use a virtual address for any other type of activity that you want to share with your friends, without disclosing location details about it. For example, you have a favorite watering hole, which your friends know on a need to know basis. You can simply add a trip to that location for a period of time, and share it.

Can I be at multiple virtual addresses at the same time?

  • Yes.

Can I be at more than 1 physical (real) address at the same time? What if I create trips with overlapping times?

  • Not really. You can add trips with overlapping time periods. However, since Superman doesn't really exist, we try to figure out where you really will be based on your most recently added trip.
    For example, if you add a trip to Chicago for the next 4 days, and then add a trip to Detroit for day 2, we will (rather intelligently) assume that you are in Chicago on days 1,3,4 and in Detroit on day 2. However, if you add the trips in the reverse order, then the Chicago trip will totally eclipse the Detroit trip.

Does Coloci only work in the USA?

  • It works all over the planet. The SMS features are available only in India at this time, and SMS support for the US is coming soon. We are working on localizing and internationalizing it as fast as we can. Please bear with us.

Why do I need to give my timezone?

  • We need your home location timezone to make the correct time calculations and to show you a localized version of the site (miles vs km, date formats etc).
    When you add a trip, we assume that the date and time you enter are for the timezone of the location.

Can I change my login email? Can I change my name?

  • No, this is your unique login for the site.
    Yes, you can change your name via Profile & Privacy

Can I sign in using Facebook connect?

  • You can sign up (and sign in) with Coloci using any of the 6 major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and more.


What are friends? (this is not a philosophical question here)

  • We talk about friends, contacts, connections kind of interchangeably in this FAQ. Just to be clear, Contacts are people you import from your various emails' address books, some of which you invite to join Coloci; Connections are all the people that you have invited (and they have accepted) or the other way round; Friend is actually the name of a Group in Coloci, which is meant to be a set of all your connections in that category (other groups are Family and Colleague).

How do I invite my friends?

  • You can import your contacts from your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook etc, via the Invite Friends menu. Then you can select the ones you want to connect with and email them an invite. When they accept the invite, both of you get connected to each other. You can see all your connections via My Connections. A new connection default to the 'Friend' group, but you can change it at any time.

What are groups for?

  • A group is, well, a group of people (your connections). You can use groups to share different types of plans (and different levels of privacy) with different sets of people. We provide you 3 groups out of the box – Friend, Family and Colleague. A person can belong only to 1 group at a time.

Can I create my own groups besides the Friend Family Colleague? How do I...

  • Yes, you can create your own groups, for example, 'Buddies' and 'Close Family' and 'Close friends'. Create custom groups via My Connections. Then simply assign each connection to the group you want via My Connections -> Connections.

Can I invite a friend if I don't have their email?

  • Sure! Simply search for the friend by name or partial name using the menu Search Friends. When you find them, click the Invite icon to send them an invite to connect with you.

If I delete a connection, will my contact get notified or know about it via Coloci?

  • No. If you delete a connection, your deleted contact will not be notified. They may however notice that they don't see any more trips from you, or you never show up nearby.

How do I manage my connections? How can I change the group a connection belongs to?

  • Via My Connections. You can assign connections to groups or delete connections.

Can I 'block' a friend?

  • Assuming you want to 'block' a connection from knowing about your whereabouts, you can either delete that connection (you can always invite them again later) or assign that connection a group (called, say, Blocked) and never share any trips with that group. Note that, in the latter case, both of can still see each other when they are near your home or work. To completely block a connection, simply delete it.

Radar & Alerts

What does the radar show me?

  • The radar shows which of your connections are in the vicinity. You can specify the radius (distance from you) within which you want to see the location of your friends, and also choose the time span of interest. The center of the radar is always your location at the date-time displayed in the center. As the line sweeps across the radar (sweeping across time), your friends will popup based on how far they are from your location on that date and time. For example, you can choose to see friends within a 25 mile radius over the next 3 days, or a 50 mile radius from June 5 to July 10 etc. These are controlled by the from & to date-times and the distance slider. You can select which groups of friends show on the radar by selecting them on the settings panel on the right.
    The connections that show on the radar are based on your Alerts Setup. This let you specify your preferences for who shows up on the radar.
    Clicking on friends that popup on the radar gives you additional details about that person, their trip and convenience features such as finding restaurants nearby and contacting the friend.

What is View as List?

  • View as List displays the same data as the Radar in a simple list format. This format is useful sometimes if the radar gets very busy because of a lot of friends and trips near your location.

How can I zoom in/out (distance or time span)?

  • You can zoom in (or out) the distance by using the slider or using the slider at the center of the radar. The time span for the full circle is based on the from & to dates on the top. Within that period, use the slider on the right to zoom in (or out) the time.

Will I see friends on my radar if I don't have any trips?

  • You may, depending on whether your friends have any trips that bring them near your home or work locations. If all the trips are invisible, then nothing may show up.


What is a trip?

  • Besides being what you think it is (a travel to another location), your home and work are also 'trips', and so are being 'online', or any activity over a period of time. Your work is a recurring trip, and when you are not on a trip or at work, we assume you are at home. A trip could be a quick coffee run, an excursion to the mall, a travel to another country, being logged into an instant messaging app, or any activity that you wish to share with friends.

How do I add a trip? How do I modify a trip?

  • You can add a trip by clicking the +Add Trip button on the top next to the Welcome! Message, or via My Trips -> Add. You can optionally post this Trip to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter by clicking the 'Save & Share' button on the bottom of the Add Trip page.
    Adding a trip is easy.
    Specify the duration of the trip (from & too, or time relative to today).
    Simply select a location on the map, or start typing the Address1 or city or zip code and select an option from the search-as-you-type options. The other fields fill in automatically, but you can change them too.
    If you have used this address before, simply type in the name of the address, which will fill in the fields, then make any tweaks if needed.

    Specify which groups can see this trip. Only connections in those groups can see the trip. Invisible trip: If you don't want anyone to see the trip, uncheck all the boxes. This will make it 'invisible' to everyone, but you will still be able to see who is nearby to that location.
    If this is a recurring trip, specify the recurrence too.
    If this is a virtual address, you don't need to enter a physical location.

    Privacy: For this trip, you can hide your address line 1 (don't show data below the city level) and contact numbers.

Where can I see all my trips?

  • Via My Trips. You can add, modify and delete trips from here too.

Can I delete my trip? Does it really delete the data?

  • Yes. No, it is marked deleted for now (we may change this anytime as needed).

Can I add a recurring trip?

  • Yes, see Adding a trip above.

What is an invisible trip? Is an update sent on creating an invisible trip or changing the visibility?

  • Sneaky! If you don't want to let anyone know about your trip (but still want to see who is near that location) you can uncheck all the groups in the Add Trip screen (share with no one). Your connections will not know about your trip, and it won't show on the Recent Updates list either.
    You can always edit the trip again to share it. At that time it will show up on Recent Updates, the radar etc.
    You may want to keep a trip invisible if it's a tentative one too.

What timezone do I see the time in?

  • We display all the times in your local timezone. And even better, you can change the timezone by clicking on it (it is displayed at the top, next to the +Add Trip button). This lets you see the trip times in a new zone. This is specially useful when you travel, since you would like to see the times in the local timezone of your destination. Also, when you add an international trip, you can change the zone to the destination's zone first, then add the trip in the destination's local time (note: most itineraries display the destination's local time). This makes your life easy (consistent timezones is a tough nut to crack!).


What are alerts? How do I use alerts?

  • Alerts are notifications that are based on your specific preferences of which connections and how near to you should they be before they show up on your radar.

    There are many friends around you, making trips, working or living. Coloci can show all such types of 'trips', but that may be way more than what you want to see. Like, after a while, you know who works near your workplace or lives near your house.

    For example, you may want to drive 2 miles to meet up with a friend who normally lives about 25 miles from your home. But, if an out of state friend comes about 20 miles from your location, you may be willing to drive that far to see them. Or, 100 miles to see an out of country friend.

    It is for such subjective preferences that you can Setup Alerts (rules for alerts).

    The connections that show on the radar are based on your Alerts Setup.

Why do I see some alerts rules already in my account (I didn't create them)?

  • We provide you with a few rules out of the box, so that you can start using the site quickly, without much 'assembly', and also to give you some samples that you can copy and tweak. You can change the default rules or add your own.

Why don't I see all trips on the radar?

  • You may have excluded connections (groups) from the settings tab on the right of the radar, or your Alerts Setup rules may be excluding certain trips that you think you should see. Or, your friend may have added an invisible trip.
    If you are sure that you are missing a trip that you should be seeing, you can email us (report a bug – thank you in advance!)


Can I delete my account? How? Will all my data get deleted?

  • Yes, but please note that this deletion is not reversible.
    You can delete your account via My Profile & Privacy -> Profile
    Yes, all your associated data (personal details, connections, trips etc) will get deleted and cannot be reversed to recreate the account again.
    You can always create a new account again.

Can I have more than 1 account?

  • Sure, but we don't see the need to. You can control what get shared and to whom by simply putting your connections in custom Groups.

Can I upload a photo?

  • Very soon, we are working on that.


Who can see my trips?

  • Your trips can be viewed by anyone you share them with (via the Groups on the Add Trip screen).
    Even if you are not travelling, your friends can get alerted when they are near your home or work.

Can I control what personal data can be seen by my connections?

  • Yes. As of this beta version, you can hide address details below the city level (address line 1, line 2) and your contact phone numbers, for each trip.
    Checking the 'Do not show more detail than city level' and the 'Do not show contact details' will not show that data to the friends you have shared your trip with, unless you allow it for particular trips (by unchecking the same boxes on the 'Add Trip' screen).

Will my location data be sold to third parties?

  • No, and definitely not at the individual user level. We do display Ads from major Ad networks.
    We take your privacy very seriously, and your trust is very important to us.

If my trip is viewable to 'All' (groups), can everyone (even people who are not connected to me) see it?

  • No. Your trips are not visible to anyone other than your connections, even if you choose 'All'. In fact, you cannot make your trip 'Public', yet. We are mulling over that highly un-private feature, to decide if it has a place in Coloci.

Can I show a trip only to a select few contacts?

  • Sure. Just assign those contacts to a custom group (say 'Special Friends') and share the trip with just that group.

Does the Coloci iPhone app track where I go?

  • (the iPhone app is coming soon)

Can I hide the date-time of my trip from my contacts?

  • We thought about that (in addition to letting you hide the address detail and phone numbers). However, a friend looking at your trip on the radar can estimate the date-time from the display anyways, so it didn't make sense for us to hide the deducible.

Who should I invite or accept connections from, or share trip information with?

  • As a general rule, you should only share your trips with people you are comfortable with (for each trip), and don't invite or accept connections from people that you wouldn't want to share your locations to begin with.
    Please do not accept connections from unknown people (check the email address of the inviter). When someone invites you, we show you their email address so that you can be sure it is someone you know (their name, location is entered by them, so those alone are not enough to verify the person).

Is my data searchable on the internet (by search engines, web crawlers etc)?

  • No, unless you post the updates to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (Tweets can be public - so please check your Twitter settings before you post to Twitter via Coloci). We don't publish your profile or trips on the searchable internet. Your data resides only in our company databases. The Coloci website can only be accessed by registered members, and only people connected to you can see your trips and profile.

I don't want to provide the password for my email account(s). Can I still import my friends?

  • Yes. There are 2 ways you can go about this.
    If you are not comfortable using your real password, you can change your email account's password temporarily, import your friends into Coloci, and then change it back. Or, you can export a csv (comma separated values) file from your email's address book, and use that to invite your friends.