About Us

Coloci grew out of the need to meetup with friends in an increasingly time-strapped life. It dawned one day that as we go about our daily errands, or take trips, we get many opportunities to meet with our social network, be it at the local coffee shop or while waiting in a transit lounge at the airport. Meetup with friends in the ‘white space’ time that we have! And the idea was born… 

We realized that, in a world increasingly e-connected, meeting face to face with friends often gets overlooked and under-appreciated. Coloci can help us re-connect above and beyond our e-connect.


We are based in Chelmsford, MA, USA. Coloci is incorporated in the State of Delaware, USA.


Our tag line:  Getting friends closer! (TM)





Mobile apps coming in Nov 2010.


Last updated Nov 1, 2010